Partner with Colin and C'havala to reach the UK and beyond


When God spoke to Colin and C'havala about the need to leave their home, family, and friends in California and move to Great Britain, it wasn't an easy decision. Colin, a Brit, had never wanted to live in the U.K. and had always dreamed about making a life in California—a life they were living.

As the Lord revealed the desperate state of the Church in the U.K.—with almost 95% of the population no longer going to church—Colin and C’havala felt like they had no choice but to risk everything and take their four daughters to serve in London.

Today, Colin and C’havala lead CRM UK, and are doing all they can to see the re-evangelization of Great Britain. Working across the country, they lead people to Jesus, train churches to do the same, and establish missionary teams in different towns and cities to reach those who do not know Christ.

Thanks to partnerships with people like you, Colin and C’havala are able able to weather the financial storms associated with living in one of the world’s most expensive cities to bring the gospel back to the U.K. THANK YOU for making this possible.



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