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Paul & Julie Ford are 20 year CRM missionaries with a focus on equipping and releasing the Body of Christ to BE the life-giving, multiplying Body of Christ worldwide. They are based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and have one son, Stephen, married to Leslie and living in Washington, DC.

Paul's focus in in east Africa, central and east Asia, and North America. He equips nationals to multiply themselves into others as effective steward leaders who live out "WE" ministry, breaking from the culture of "I" dominated ministry prevalent everywhere Paul ministers.

Julie's priorities, when not alongside Paul investing in leaders' families in east African and central Asia, are with special needs elementary school kids at Designs for Learning Differences (DLD) School in Albuquerque.

Paul also pioneered the Grip Birkman process, used by 200+ GB coaches and trainers in over 40 countries. This tool is used in coaching leaders to more intentionally steward who they are, and then in turn do the same with those whom they shepherd and train. Organic body life multiplication is a common result.

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