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Most of Western Europe has become known as a post-Christian society even though it is steeped in rich traditions that influence much of modern Christianity today. More specifically, even with its deep roots in Martin Luther’s Reformation, Germany has seen Christianity effectively become irrelevant history to a majority of its people.
-Less than 5% of Germans are in local evangelical churches on Sunday
-The average age of church attendees is over 50
-There has been a 30% decline in German Christians over the last two decades
-Only 2% of youth call on Jesus as their Savior

By coming alongside church leadership we seek to revive Christianity in a part of the world where it has lost much of its credibility. Our team seeks to support local church leaders, in order to build relationships that foster the re-discovery of discipleship and evangelism in the region, particularly among younger generations. This may include newer forms of church and outreach into communities, as they explore how discipleship multiplication movements may be started.



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