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Debbie Schuster has been a member of the multi-disciplinary Staff Development and Care Team (SDCT) since 2010, and co-leads Selah, the portion of the team based near Malaga, Spain.

Keeping missionaries on the field is crucial to the advancement of God's kingdom. For this reason, SDCT exists to effectively and intentionally develop and care for CRM's and other mission agencies' greatest resource - their staff.

SDCT helps ensure that the missionaries they serve experience:
• Spiritual Vitality — A deep and maturing relationship with God
• Healthy, Balanced Lives and Families — Personal wholeness lived out in authentic community
• Personal and Professional Development — Ongoing growth both personally, and in ministry

As a Spiritual Director, Debbie's primary focus is in cultivating spiritual vitality through attentive and intimate relationships with God. She is also actively engaged in exploring how this formative approach to spirituality contributes to management and care during crisis situations.



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