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As a member of :Beta: Communities Long Beach, Aly is working toward a new generation of people in Long Beach and around the Western world who are intimately connected to Jesus, know themselves as God’s children, and are equipped to live their lives with intentionality and impact grounded in God’s Word and love.

To accomplish this vision she builds personal relationships with those who do not yet know or trust God, helps them wrestle with matters of faith, and consistently invites them toward Jesus. She gathers un-churched and de-churched people to discover Jesus through reflection, Bible reading, and prayer, and offers them spiritual direction and healing prayer. She also coaches young leaders to pursue their unique calling and contribution, all while praying consistently for Long Beach and those she is discipling.

In the next year the :Beta: Long Beach team hopes to engage 400+ people in meaningful, spiritual conversations, disciple 40+ into a personal relationship with Jesus, start 16+ discovery-based Bible study groups, increase the ministry impact of 100+ local leaders, and spend a cumulative 3,900 hours in prayer.



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