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Melinda & Matthew Talley
Málaga, Spain

Melinda and Matthew joined the Ethne Spain team in June 2013. As a team, we seek to faithfully navigate the culture of the existing Church while nurturing leaders for fresh, emerging forms of the Church to see the grace, love and power of Christ redeem, reconcile, and renew the people of Spain.

Our heart and calling is to nurture the holistic formation of emerging leaders for the Spanish church. A few of the ways we engage in this work are through:
  • intentional language learning and cultural understanding
  • coaching, spiritual companionship, spiritual and character formation, and healing prayer
  • awakening our neighborhood through intentional prayer walking & seeking to bless our city in practical ways
  • engaging our community in places we can tangibly bless our city
  • awakening the calling of an emerging generation as they seek to join God’s redemptive work in Málaga and beyond
  • contextualizing cutting edge biblical marriage resources to awaken unhealthy marriages
  • nurturing a vibrant and healthy team community and ongoing personal and spiritual formation
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Welcome to the team, and THANK YOU!

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